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  VIKING Reinforcements

 € 19.90 EUR / kit

While Pirates have conqoured the United States, in Europe the Vikings are invading! Made by the one and only pirate Alex Steadman, equipped with european millimetric bolts and nuts.
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  Quebec Scooters PEGS

 € 15.95 EUR / 2 pegs

Take your grinds and stalls to a whole new level.
Get the best pegs on the market!
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  FrenchID bearings

 € 18.00 EUR

Need for speed? Here's our answer for your question! Featuring ABEC-7 bearings so you can bomb hills faster than ever.
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  FrenchID griptape

 € 8.10 EUR 

FrenchID signature griptape design with sweet graphics for maximum grip on your deck. Fits on Razor, JDBug and Muffin scooters.
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10% discount!

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