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 July 29th, 2014



 January 13th, 2012


Guess who got some testing materials!

Yes. They will be back. The OG bars with the goofiest name ever. WEE.
After putting emphasis on the local scootershop called REBEL since August 2009, we haven't had much time to generate more handlebars as other scooterdaddy companies were popping up with cheaper scooters and its parts, thus making it more available for younger riders at low cost, the scene has become way less mature over the past few years. It has become a trend rather than a culture.

With all the scooterdads and moms running the business side, the quality, strength and customizability of the products has become a secondary priority next to quantity of sales to most companies, but for us at WEE Scooters, a rider's needs come first: we started out as a group providing American and Canadian scooter parts for riders across the world due to the lack of local scootershops in non-US countries, but most importantly -- we specialized in making our own in-house custom made handlebars any size a rider wished for with more than 180 colors to choose for powdercoat so that every rider could design a handlebar for personal use according to one's preferences and requirements which have developed over the years after picking up a scooter. 
No company has yet to reach that level still years later.

We will pick up where we left from: making custom-made handlebars again. From riders to riders. Say "NO" to trend-setters. Because we will say "no" to trend-whores that don't know what size bars they want, 'cause obviously they would be riding for the wrong reasons, it's just a waste of our time & effort. Even though the raw material costs way more these days with increasing service fees with all the jazz etc, we will still be making some fresh bars again no matter what the cost is, 'cause not a single fuck is given. Just hardcore bars for hardcore riders.

So stay tuned for more news of our refreshing journey to our roots.

- MK.

PS! Don't use the shop functions, all items on this web are outdated haha

 November 27, 2009

Dear Mr. DAWSON, we were unable to send a reply back to your e-mail address, because your mailserver responded that there was no mailboxes by that name.


 October 22, 2009

WEE Simplex handlebars are back!

Contact us at to order!


 July 30, 2009


TSI decks are available now.
Quebec Scooter Pegs are now restocked.

 July 28, 2009


Available now! 

 July 8, 2009

While Pirates have conqoured the United States, in Europe the Vikings are invading!
Made by the one and only pirate Alex Steadman,
equipped with european millimetric bolts and nuts. 

Limited edition! More info...

 July 7, 2009

 +  + 

New service available!
If you order a SCS kit and a threadless fork together,
we can also install the starnut for you for only 4.90 EUR fee.

Save your time and your nerves - let us install the starnut. More info...

 July 4, 2009


New pictures! Click on them to view more.

 July 3, 2009


Due to lack of materials for WEE bars, no new free colors are issued until we run out of materials. New free color will be issued for Striker forks soon!

WEE bars will be available again in August.

 June 15, 2009

PROTO "Knuckles" SCS.

PROTO "Striker" forks.

White "Gripper" metalcore wheels. 110mm.

Brown "Gripper" metalcore wheels. 110mm.

Striker forks
- Knuckles SCS
ICS (Striker-compatible)
- White metalcore wheels
- Brown metalcore wheels

 June 14, 2009

FrenchID Comet metalcore wheels - now available!

 May 20, 2009

Take your grinds and stalls on a whole new level. Get the best pegs on the market!

Buy now!

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